Scan & Fax

Depending on your program, students working with Comprehensive Courses, AP Exam Review, and Exam Prep may need to submit digital copies of printed or handwritten activities.

To do this, students can:

  • Work directly in a digital file such as PDF or RTF and submit the file using the student Messages feature.
  • Handwrite answers, scan the activity, and submit the TIF file using the student Messages feature.
  • Scan the activity and use the activity’s unique cover page to fax the activity.

Activities that have been submitted via fax and the Messages feature are delivered to the teacher via email.

Fax, Scan & TIF Software

To submit activities via fax or scan:

  • Students need software that can view, create, and organize multi-page TIF files and read embedded annotations.
  • Teachers need software that can view and annotate multi-page TIF files.

Most scanners and fax machines are bundled with the software needed to work with multi-page TIF. Alternatively you may want to use a reliable source such as CNET's to find a suitable application (search "edit multi-page tif").


Updated August 9, 2016
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