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Apex Learning: Corporate Office Holiday Schedule 12/25 - 1/1

Apex Learning corporate offices will be closed Monday, December 25th through Monday, January 1st. This includes the Apex Learning Sales and Support teams. Apex Learning corporate employees will begin to follow up on emails and voicemails when they return on Tuesday, January 2nd. As always, all Apex Learning users will continue to have access to their user accounts and courses during this time.

Web browser plugins - also called extensions or add ons - help web browsers display content. A limited number of Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses and AP Exam Review curriculum use plugins. Additionally, many resources in online Help are available as PDF which requires Adobe Reader.

Updating plugins to the latest version ensures you can view content and protects against security threats.

PDF Support

Some Apex Learning Courses provide worksheets as PDF files. Tutorials do not require PDF support.

Some operating systems and browsers have built-in PDF support.

Alternatively, Apex Learning supports Adobe Reader 6.0+ for working with PDFs.

Flash Support

Adobe Flash allows you to view certain kinds of video and animations  Some Apex Learning Courses contain Flash content. Tutorials do not require Flash support.

Apex Learning supports Adobe Flash 9.0.115 and higher.

Manage Plugins

When installing or updating a plugin, it is usually enbaled automatically. Occasionally, this must be done manually. Listed below are links that explain how to manage plugins for web browsers supported by Apex Learning.

Updated August 9, 2016
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