Popup Blockers

Apex Learning digital curriculum launches in a separate window known as a popup. If a Course or Tutorial fails to open, your web browser or a toolbar may be blocking popups. In this topic, learn how to configure popup blockers to allow Apex Learning content.

To view curriculum, your browser or toolbar must allow popups for the following web sites:

  • apexvs.com
  • apexlearning.com

Generally, there are two ways to configure popup blockers:

  • One way is to wait for a popup to be blocked and then follow the on-screen prompts to allow the popup.
  • Another way is to manually tell the browser or toolbar to allow popups for specific sites.

Allow or Disable Popups

Listed below are links that explain how to configure popup blocking in web browsers supported by Apex Learning. Note that some browsers only allow you to enable and disable all popups, while other browsers allow you to specifiy which sites to allow popups for.

Updated August 9, 2016
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